Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Web app security

I think many have realized the importance of security in the web app, but I believe there are many who didn't cope with its many aspects (or even didn't know that there are a lot :).

I just read a good site which provides a minimum standard for web app security (OWASP), if you're developing a web app, it will be good for you to spend some time reading it.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spring's IoC

well, after looking at many frameworks outta there, I decide that it is now my time to see what Spring is actually (though I never need it in my current job, at least I might learn some new ideas/pattern which maybe I could use in my code ;).

Here is the point that has interest me during my Spring's introduction reading :

Inversion of Control / Dependency Injection

Why does it interest me? ... maybe because I'm somehow a design pattern freak :)

ok, let's continue...
In order to find out more about IoC, I read these links below :
Now, I know that Dependency Injection is an Inversion of Control, but not vice versa (at first I think that both terms refer to the same things) and I just realized that I've met with IoC since the first time I write codes in GUI environment(event based) after many years playing (read : coding) in DOS environment.

btw, maybe it's surprising to see a developer using Spring which didn't understand IoC/DI clearly. They're just another "copy-paste" & "trial and error" developer, which sadly I believe quite many.
I'm a believer in "you must understand what you're doing".

hmm... that's all for now, still a long introduction to read :)


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are we living in an ideal "Java" world?

I just wish that "Compiled once, run anywhere" is true.... just a wish :)

There won't be any patch for different OSes...
No more testing on different platforms...
No more pains...
No more headaches...


Listening to mouse event when the app is minimized

"Listening to mouse event when the app is minimized" ...

when my friend asked me about this, it made me think alot... how do I really gonna achieve it?
Robot comes to my mind... but Robot can't listen to mouse event, it only generate the mouse input events.

Hopefully, before long I might come up with some ideas or maybe just find it out somewhere on the net :)