Monday, December 15, 2008

Alfresco tips

The tips that I will write here might seem silly but it works for me and I do hope it will help someone else and... I think I'll continue to add more items on this list someday.

Should we start now? :)

  1. Always read the wiki thoroughly, sometimes one page won't help you, other pages might contain the information you might need (sometimes I feel they're scattered and I just have to gather them pieces by pieces).
  2. Read the existing code/example, it will certainly help you. For example, if you're creating a dashlet, look at the other dashlets already available.
  3. In case you need to go deep (read : debugging alfresco), you could try to download the code, build it and run it :)
  4. In case the above is too difficult, you could try to at least get the source and put it in a project in eclipse (or any IDE) and remotely debug alfresco (see my post) .
  5. If you need to debug the workflow, get jBPM source code and do the same thing as no 4.
  6. Do yourself a favour by writing down all the changes you've done in alfresco in case you need to revisit it later, I can assure you that you won't be able to remember it for long (unless you're playing with alfresco everyday :).
  7. If you're creating a custom workflow and at some point in your workflow you need to make a branch based on some properties value, use a decision node.
  8. If you're creating a custom workflow, you might need to consider reading jbpm's documentation, especially on the jpdl chapter
  9. Use jpdl designer (free!!) to build your workflow, it will do you a favour later when you come back to your workflow. Go to or download jBPM GPD.

This is it for the moment, more to come later.

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Anonymous said...

Great tips, thanks for sharing...

Didnt know about No 4, helped me alot