Saturday, December 12, 2009

Opera Turbo

Someone asks me if is it safe browsing with Opera mini (which defaulted to use Turbo)? The safe here mentioned refer to the data sent being stored by Opera Turbo (remember, all data traffic goes thru Opera Turbo so that it could compressed the content and sent the result to the browser). This question is answered on the following link:

If you are using ssl, Opera Turbo is bypassed and we're communicating with the SSL site directly. Which implies that turbo is turned "off" and you're back to the old way of browsing. Opera Turbo also declares that it doesn't store any user's information.

The conclusion is if we're looking for a cheaper way to browse, which is the case where the price mostly depends on the data being transferred (usually per KB), Opera Mini will be a great choice. Bear in mind, the statement declares that no user's data is stored. If you don't trust it then it simply mean don't use Opera.

Before I finished, I read one of the comments on this blog. It mentioned that Opera is a Norwegian company, which means that it follow the Personal Data Act ( And it is extremely strict.