Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eclipse fails to start?

Your eclipse fails to start? actually we could say your workspace fails to start. I've gone through it several times and my solution was to create a new workspace and import the existing projects into the new workspace.
However, this time I'm trying to solve it once for all (as though it's possible :). Googled around and I found, imho, a rough solution that works for me. It's as simple as deleting org.eclipse.core.resources folder inside {workspace}/.metadata/.plugins and then run eclipse -clean.
The result is eclipse is working but I still have to import the existing projects back. The good thing is I don't lost all the preferences and server setting (though I could just import the preferences file I once exported).

Check the link on the title and also this one, tools from eclipse team that maybe could help with the broken workspace (I never tried it yet... my workspace already fixed :)

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