Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beware of customizing BeanUtils converter

If you ever have to customize BeanUtils converter just like I did, one thing that should be of your concern and that is BeanUtils is also utilized by many open source libraries. And some of the libraries might happened to have the same need as yours to customize the converters. If in any case you are using one of those libraries, it just might override your converters.

In my case, I was using jXLS . It is a great tool and it's my fault that I didn't read the documentation thoroughly. The documentation says:

"jXLS integrates with Jakarta BeanUtils conversion utilities to perform actual conversion from Excel cell values into bean properties...... BeanUtils Converters for primitive types return a default value when a conversion error occurs. jXLS overrides this behaviour in ReaderConfig class registering these classes to throw a ConversionException."

And what I configured for my application is for BeanUtils to return null for empty string instead of the default value.

Now, here's a short story on what truly happened to my application due to the conflict described above:
At first, an empty text field (for number input) in the form is converted to null and after some operations performed on the application "suddenly" it throws NumberFormatException for empty text field in the form. I'm lucky to know the steps to reproduce it and it turns out that things started to act strange after jXLS is utilized (to create/read excel file).

At this point, I'm grateful to have jXLS and BeanUtils source code. I could just debug into the source code and analyze it. And I found out that jXLS overrides BeanUtils's converter configuration as the documentation said. Now all I can do is after every invocation of jXLS I have to reconfigure BeanUtils as my application need it.

One more thing still disturb me, how to handle concurrent processes where one process is still working on jXLS and the other one need to convert the value from the form. And both are utilizing BeanUtils. I guessed at this moment I have to accept that I will get NumberFormatException and tell the user to try to submit the form again (and hoping that the jXLS process is already finished).

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Anonymous said...

I had the same problem!
Your post was useful in identifying the problem. Thank you!

We temporary solved the problem by unregistering and re-registering the configuration. I agree with you that this is not a real solution, because while the jxls configuration is up, it's wrong for the rest of the application.

I think jxls, and other libraries using BeanUtils mustuse a private configuration.