Monday, July 07, 2014

Configure reverse ssh tunneling

When you have a need to access your local PC from the internet, you might be interested in this blog.

1. Root access to a public server (or any kind of access as long as you can do things below :).
2. SSH client

Now, let's begin with the server:
1. Edit sshd_config located in /etc/ssh/ and add the line below
GatewayPorts clientspecified

2. Restart sshd
sudo service ssh restart

That's all for the server.

To the local PC we go:
1. Create reverse ssh tunneling using ssh client.
Open a terminal/console to run the ssh client. In windows you might use Putty.
ssh user@server -R server:serverport:localdestination:localport

2. Test the connection by using telnet
telnet server serverport
Expect no connection refused :)

The steps above is very simple but requires some configuration changes in the public server.
There's a more secure way but requires more effort on the client side which means only geek will be able to access it :) I'll discuss it later on a separate blog.

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